LPDC Appeals Process

Written appeals shall be submitted to the LPDC chairperson within 20 days of denial of an IPDP or credit proposal. All written appeals will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the LPDC.

An appeal may be presented in person at the next regularly scheduled LPDC meeting. A written request for inclusion on the agenda should be given to the LPDC chairperson no later than five (5) days before that regularly scheduled LPDC meeting.

Upon further consideration, the LPDC will provide written notification of the appeal decision within five days.

If the appeal is denied, the applicant may request a terminal opinion, a binding decision rendered by a three-person mediation team chosen as follows: one person selected by the applicant (may not be related to the applicant), one person chosen by the LPDC, and a third person mutually agreed upon by the first two. Members of the mediation team must hold a current Ohio Department of Education Certificate or License and be employed by the Ashland City School District.

In the case of an administrator appeal, the process is the same as the above with the exception that the third person is selected by the superintendent.