LPDC Glossary of Terms

Activity Documentation Voucher: Documentation showing evidence of completion of an "other equivalent activity."

Administrator: An individual working under the following certificate or license: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Administrative Specialist, School Psychologist, Supervisor, Business Manager, Treasurer, Technology Coordinator.

Annual IPDP Progress Review: Anyone who is working on an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) will be required to request an annual progress review with their principal, direct supervisor, peer group, or LPDC subcommittee. Annual IPDP Review Forms are due to the LPDC by June 1.

Appeal Process: The process by which an educator can have the decision of the LPDC reviewed. (See Ashland City Schools LPDC Bylaws.)

Approved Institution: A college or university which has been approved by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education for the preparation of teachers, administrators, and school employees in pupil personnel services by the State of Ohio.

Certificate: A document issued by the State Board of Education to an individual who is deemed to be qualified, under the 1987 Teacher Education and Certification Standards, to teach or practice in Ohio schools.

Certificate of Participation: A document that verifies participation in a professional development activity for CEU credit.

CEU: A Continuing Education Unit is ten (10) professional development contact hours approved by the Local Professional Development Committee.

CIP: Continuous Improvement Plan

Contact Hours: The direct clock hours spent engaged in a professional development activity. Ten (10) contact hours of LPDC endorsed seminar/workshop participation equals one (1) CEU, one (1) semester hour of college coursework equals three (3) CEUs, and one (1) college quarter hour equals two (2) CEUs.

District CIP: The Ashland City School District Continuous Improvement Plan is the design for improving student achievement and working towards "effective school" status based on the proposed twenty-seven (27) criteria in the State Report Card. The CIP includes an analysis of needs and strengths, set goals, and performance indicators and strategies for reaching those goals.
Building CIP: Each building within the district will develop a CIP which supports the district CIP as well as addresses building level needs.
Ashland City Schools

Educator: An individual who has been certified or licensed by the State Board of Education to teach or practice in Ohio schools.

Endorsement: The addition of a teaching area to the license after completion of an approved program of preparation.

Equivalent Activities: Please see "Other Equivalent Activities."

Evidence of Attendance: Any documentation (such as a Certificate of Attendance, the agenda or registration confirmation on official letterhead) as proof of attendance at a professional development activity.

Grace Renewal: The one-time renewal under the 1987 Teacher Education and Certification Standards, after September 1, 1998.

IPDP: An Individual Professional Development Plan is a self-developed individual professional plan which describes activities that align one’s professional growth objectives with district, building and student learning goals.

Issuing Agency: For purposes of certification and licensure, the Ohio Department of Education serves on behalf of the State Board of Education as the agency responsible for issuing licenses and certificates.

LPDC: The Ashland City Schools Local Professional Development Committee oversees and reviews professional development plans, coursework, continuing education units and other equivalent activities for the purpose of renewal of certificates and licenses.

License: A document issued by the State Board of Education to an individual who is deemed to be qualified, under the 1998 Teacher Education and Licensure Standards, to teach or practice in Ohio schools.

NCATE: National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education is the accrediting agency of teacher education institutions.

ODE: The Ohio Department of Education will:

Maintain records of ODE-approved CEUs taken through June 30, 1998.
Provide renewal verification forms to LPDCs and maintain a file of authorized LPDC signatures.
Issue all certificates, licenses, and permits.
Evaluate and process applications for upgrades of 4-year and 8-year certificates.
Evaluate and process applications for adding new areas to certificates or licenses.
Evaluate and process applications for temporary and substitute certificates and licenses.
Provide assistance to LPDCs as needed.
Cover the operating costs of the certification/licensure unit through certification/licensure fees, as required by law.
Other Equivalent Activity: Professional development activities that go beyond traditional workshops and coursework to job-related activities.

Performance-based Licensure: Licensing based on assessments, administered under the authority of the State Board of Education, of the performance of teachers and principals during their participation in an Entry Year Program.

Permanent Certificate: A teaching certificate that is valid for the remainder of an educator’s career and does not require further work for recertification nor conversion to a license.

Professional Development: An on-going, job related process to enhance, maintain and refine the competencies of all staff to improve student achievement.

Professional Development Portfolio: A personal collection of evidence of professional development activities which is maintained by an educator for the purpose of documenting his/her certification/licensure status.

Reciprocity: A policy which acknowledges and accepts credentials awarded by another authority.

Reflection Form: A form requiring answers causing one to reflect on the activity completed, and how it relates to current and/or improved practice. It should be completed and filed with the LPDC within sixty (60) calendar days of the end of each professional development activity for which an educator is requesting CEUs.

Sponsoring Institution: The organization or presenter providing or conducting the professional development activity.

State Board of Education: Establishes the legal guidelines for teacher education and licensure in Ohio that are described in the Teacher Education and Licensure Standards publication.

Strategic Plan: A plan developed by a team of community and staff members, which outlines strategies to direct the future of the district.

Summary Sheet: A log sheet for determining clock hours/CEUs for conferences involving various mini-sessions and multiple speakers.

Sunshine Law: (Open Meetings Act) Clarifies that the records and meetings of the LPDC must be open and public.