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The link below contains information about the use of Ashland City Schools facilities, including the Arrow Arena, Community Stadium, Robert M. and Janet L. Archer Auditorium, gymnasium, athletic fields, and other school facilities.

Ashland City Schools Facility Use Guideline Booklet

For questions about the use of Archer Auditorium, contact Philip McNaull, auditorium manager, at  For other facilities, contact the building principal or the Business Manager at 419-289-1117.

Ashland High School Auditorium Information

Ashland High School has two auditoriums, the Little Theater and Robert M. and Janet L. Archer Auditorium.  The Little Theater seats 310 and was part of the original high school building.  The 998-seat Archer Auditorium opened in 2015.

Groups interested in using Archer Auditorium should start by reviewing the technical information.  This gives dimensions of the stage and information about the lighting and sound systems.  When planning your event, please note that Archer Auditorium has limited availability during the month of February each year because the auditorium is in use for the Ashland High School Musical.

Groups scheduled to use Archer Auditorium are asked to complete the Archer Auditorium Event Work Order at least three days prior to the event, or two weeks prior if requesting the orchestra pit cover to be raised or lowered.  This helps us ensure that everything is ready for your arrival.

  Little Theater Archer Auditorium
Seating Capacity 310 seats 998 seats
Wheelchair spaces Space for wheelchairs in the rear and front 12 spaces
Seating Chart View Seating Chart Seating Chart - actual layout
Seating Chart - for tracking ticket sales
Orchestra Pit No Yes, space for 32 persons
Screen Yes Yes
Air conditioning No* Yes
Additional Information   Technical Information


* The Little Theater is not air conditioned, but it has a ventilation system that brings in fresh air from outdoors.  It can keep the room comfortable when the outdoor temperature is below 55 degrees.  If the outdoor air temperature is warmer than that, the theater can start to get stuffy, especially with audiences over 150 people.