Guide (Yearbook)

Student Artwork

The Guide staff is looking for student works (such as paintings, drawings, ceramics, photographs, poems, etc.)  to be featured in the 2019-2020 yearbook. If you are interested in having your work potentially highlighted in the yearbook, submit a copy of the work to by Friday, April 24. 



2018-2019 Guides

Extra copies of the 2018-2019 Yearbooks are on sale for $65. To purchase a yearbook, contact Mrs. Swearingen, send in your cash or check (made payable to AHS Guide) and pick up your copy of the Guide. Books are not reservable and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.



Ordering 2019-2020 Guides

Ordering the 2019-20 AHS Guide will be done exclusively through Walsworth. Yearbook cost $60 and ordering will be open until April 30. To order, go to and enter "Ashland High School" in the search bar* near the top of the screen. Then go to the "Yearbook" section and browse through the items available, selecting those you would like to purchase.    

*Be sure to choose Ashland High School in Ashland, Ohio



Senior Class Meeting Documents

To see any of the handouts given to the senior class on the Senior Class Meeting on the morning of October 4, 2019, select any of the following links to access the viewable document(s). Note that the deadline to submit Baby Pictures and Senior Quotes has been extended to Friday, December 6 so they can be collected in Homeroom.



Senior Pictures

Due date: Friday, February 21 by 3 p.m..

Submit to: (physical photos will NOT be accepted)

Requirements: All senior pictures should meet the following requirements--

  • Must be school appropriate
  • Must be a clear, close shot of the senior's face
  • Resolution should be set to 300 dpi (dots per inch-this means your photo is a higher resolution and better quality)
  • Coloration should be CMYK format
  • Saved as a .jpg or .jpeg file
  • Mrs. Swearingen recommends that your photographer submit the original file of your desired senior picture on your behalf.

When your photo is received, Mrs. Swearingen will send a confirmation email either confirming that the photo has no issues or alerting you of the issue(s) with the photo. If you do not receive a confirmation email, that means your message did not go through. Please allow at least 24 hours between your submission of the picture and the time that you inquire about its reception. Additionally, make sure to submit your photo early. If you wait until the due date to submit your photo, you run the risk of encountering an issue that cannot be resolved in one day. To avoid this, submit your photo early. For additional information about senior pictures, reference the Senior Information document in the Senior Class Meeting Documents section of this page.



Baby Pictures and Senior Quotes

Due date: Friday, December 6 by 3 p.m.

Submit to: Homeroom teachers or

Requirements: All baby pictures and senior quotes must meet the following requirements--


Baby Picture Requirements

  • Must be a clear photo of the face

  • Must be wearing at least a diaper

  • Up to age 6

  • Physical and digital photos accepted

  • MUST write your name on the back of your physical picture (the Guide staff will NOT seek the identification of unknown seniors; clearly label the back of your photo with your first and last names in order to ensure that your photograph is easily identified)

  • Turn in to your homeroom teacher on December 6 OR email to

  • If you want your physical photo returned: include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (otherwise physical photos will be discarded)


Senior Quote Requirements

  • Must be school appropriate

  • Must be positive

  • Must have a clear meaning

  • Must not be divisive or culturally insensitive

  • Must be attributed to a source*​

  • May be up to 25 words**

*If your quote is the words of anyone else, you MUST attribute it to the original source.

**May be edited for length, content, or space; word count INCLUDES the attribution of the quote


Baby pictures and senior quotes will be printed together in the yearbook, as they were last year. In order to have a senior quote printed, you MUST submit a baby picture and vice versa. Entries that are submitted late or fail to meet the aforementioned criteria will NOT be accepted or printed in the Guide! For additional information about baby pictures, reference the Baby Pictures and Senior Quotes document in the Senior Class Meeting Documents section of this page.



Senior Recognition Ads

Due date: Friday, May 8 

Submit to: This year we are offering two easy ways to secure your advertisement--

  1. Design your own ad at 
  2. Send your completed form, content and payment to: Ashland High School, c/o Kelly Swearingen, 1440 King Rd., Ashland, OH 44805. 

            NOTE: If you would like your photos returned after the ad is created, you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

We are pleased to offer senior recognition ads for the graduating class of 2019. The yearbook is a perfect place to showcase your accomplishments, be they academic, athletic, theatrical or personal. Listed below are the sizes and prices of the advertisements we offer:

Ad Size Price

Picture Space

1/8 Page $40 1
1/4 Page $50 1-2
1/2 Page $75 Up to 4
Full Page $150 Up to 6

All messages for your ads should be limited to 50 words. The Guide staff reserves the right to edit messages for space. Check out our advertisement form at the bottom of the page to see a sample advertisement or refer to the Senior Information document in the Senior Class Meeting Documents section of this page.


Yearbook Pickup

If you would like to be alerted of when yearbooks are ready to be picked up, join the Guide’s Yearbook pickup Remind account. To join, open a new message and:

         Send to⎼81010




The Guide staff is currently selling ads and advertising space for the 2020 book. If you are interested in supporting the Guide, please call Kelly Swearingen at 419-289-7968, ext. 3227.




The Ashland High School Guide staff can be reached by email at