Safety Notes from Mr. Keller

Safety and security of our school buildings is a priority for our district.


We conduct routine safety drills like Tornado drills, Fire Drills, Emergency Evacuation drills, and Lockdown/Intruder Drills. Our district began training with the ALiCE training last school year and at the beginning of this school year. This training is specific as to how to handle situations with an intruder. As part of the ongoing process to review and revise our procedures, we will be talking with students about different strategies to use if we would have an intruder in our buildings. We are developing a video specific to young children to demonstrate:

                               o What to do when we have a lockdown drill 

                               o What to do if we need to barricade our classrooms

                               o What to do if we need to use counter measures (throw things, yell, scream, run, etc)

                               o Where to go if we have to evacuate our building We are proceeding very cautiously as to not alarm our young students.


We do need to reinforce that it is vitally important to follow directions during an emergency. We encourage you to talk to your child about following directions in an emergency to help us keep everyone safe. We are also developing specific plans for children with special needs that may need more support in an emergency evacuation.

Tim M Keller, Principal, Taft Intermeidate


Building Safety  - Please and always use the front entrance to enter the building. Please ring the buzzer and state your name and reason for your visit.  If you need to arrive before 8:15 am for a meeting, you will need to be buzzed in.