This page contains technical information about the Robert M. and Janet L. Archer Auditorium in Ashland, Ohio.

For information about rental fees and policies, see Auditorium Rental Information.

Seating Capacity

The auditorium has 1002 seats and 12 spaces for wheelchairs.

If you expect attendance over 800, we recommend using reserved seating to provide the best experience for your guests.  Otherwise, the guests who arrive last won't be able to find enough consecutive seats for their families to sit together.‚Äč

Seating Chart

Stage Dimensions

The stage is 54' wide at the proscenium opening.  The depth, measured from the back edge of the proscenium to the rear traveler curtain, is 31'10".  There is an orchestra pit cover in front of the proscenium wich provides approximately 15' of space in front of the main curtain.

Shell & Curtains

The stage has a Wenger Diva shell that surrounds the performance area, as shown in the photo above.  We highly recommend using the shell for any concert with live music as it provides the best acoustics.

For other events, the shell can be stored against the back wall and a set of black curtains can be lowered to surround the stage.  The auditorium has a main drape, a mid-stage traveler, and a rear traveler.  There are also various legs and borders.

Several empty battens are available for hanging scenery and backdrops.

Presentation Tools

The auditorium has a projector with a screen that is 16'W x 9'H.  Any device with an HDMI output can connect to the projector.

Orchestra Pit

The orchestra pit can seat up to 32 people (this is the maximum per fire codes).  The orchestra pit is normally covered.  For a fee, the cover can be adjusted to provide a 3' deep orchestra pit or removed entirely to create a 6' deep orchestra pit.

Photos:  Pit cover at stage level,  Pit cover at house levelPit cover removed

Backstage Facilities

Backstage facilities include two dressing rooms, two individual restrooms, a scene shop, and a storage room; and their use is included with the auditorium rental.  The Little Theater, band room, and choir room are all nearby and can be rented for an additional charge.

Audio System

The house audio system has speakers permanently hung above each side of the stage and center fill speakers mounted in the front wall of the orchestra pit.

Available audio equipment includes:

  • 8 wireless handheld microphones, 8 wireless lapel microphones (up to 8 total can be used simultaneously in any combination)
  • 6 choir microphones
  • 4 floor microphones
  • 8 microphone stands
  • 6 monitor speakers

Lighting System

The standard lighting plot is arranged as follows:

  • 7 areas across the front of the stage and the orchestra pit cover (or on the orchestra pit when the cover is removed)
  • 5 areas across at the main curtain line
  • 6 areas across mid-stage
  • 6 areas across upstage (for lighting choir risers, for example)
  • Each area is lit with lighting from three lights:  approximately 45 degrees above left, 45 degrees above right, and overhead.
  • There are overhead lights built into the shell when the shell is used.

Groups wishing to adjust the lights should contact the auditorium manager in advance to make arrangements.  We encourage you to simply add lights where they are needed rather than rearranging the existing lighting setup.

The auditorium has 183 stage lighting circuits each wired to an individual 2400 watt lighting dimmer.  There are 30 circuits on a catwalk in the house, four battens of 30 circuits each on stage, 4 circuits on the back wall of the stage, and six drop boxes with circuits on the sides of the stage.  Diagram of lighting circuit locations

House lights are LED, and most can be dimmed.

The school has a Road Hog 4 console, and the lighting system has DMX and sACN inputs for compatibility with other lighting consoles.

Power Tie-In

Three power tie-ins are available:

  • 100 amp 3 phase, 120/208 volts.  Cam connectors (female black, red, blue; male white & green) Located in electrical room, upstage left.
  • 50 amp 120/208 volts (2 legs of 3 phase service).  NEMA 14-50R connector.  Located on stage right wall.
  • 200 amp 3 phase, 120/208 volts.  Located in the Little Theater which is next door to Archer Auditorium.  125-150' of feeder cable would be required to utilize this.


For technical questions, contact Philip McNaull, auditorium manager, at