School Restart Radio Interview with Dr. Marrah

You can hear the Ashland City Schools plans to safely return kids to classroom learning this fall Sunday morning (July 26th) on iHeart Radio and you can listen on 7 different stations too.

WNCO-FM (101.3 FM Mid Ohio's Country) at 7 AM

102.3 FM The Fox at 7 AM
MY 100.1 FM at 7 AM
107.7 The Breeze at 7 AM
Y-105 at 7 AM

WMAN (1400 AM and 98.3 FM ) AT 7:30 AM

WNCO-AM ( Fox Sports 1340) at 10 AM
Monday morning (July 27th) you can hear the interview on WMAN during Local Talk from 8 am - 9 am.
Listen anywhere via the iHeart Radio app ( just search any of the 7 stations above)