Student Services / Special Education / Preschool

Dr. Tammy Stevens

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services


Shelli Howman

Administrative Assistant


Janel Barr
Enrollment Coordinator


The purpose of an RTI meeting is to provide support to any staff member who wants additional assistance in strategies to use with students for academic, behavioral or emotional needs. Through this process staff members share strategies and provide support to each other to best meet a student's needs. The district's RTI process begins with the general education teacher. If you have a concern regarding your child please talk with the teacher first to decide what interventions need to take place to help your child be more successful.


In a effort to serve young people with disabilities, school districts in Ohio are in the process of locating and evaluating children from 3-21 years of age. Disabilities may include developmental delays, health impairments, autism, and traumatic brain injury. Individuals may contact the local school district about children who may have a disability and may be eligible for special education services. Questions should be addressed to Dr. Tammy Stevens, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services at 419-289-4507.