Published: Feb. 9, 2022
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If your student has Mrs. Shearer as a Science teacher they will attend Camp Nuhop  2/28-3/2.  Mr. Harlan's students will attend Camp Nuhop  3/2-3/4.  Please join your child's class in Remind to get updates on Camp Nuhop and also class updates.  Type the following address into the web browser on your phone.

Mr. Harlan's Science 6 Students:
Mrs. Shearer's Science 6 Students:
Mrs. Shearer's Advanced Science Students:

  • February 11th - Special diet information must be emailed to Camp Nuhop.
  • February 18th - Camp Nuhop forms need turned in.
  • February 18th - Camp money needs turned in or on or before this date.  (The amount approximately is $80, but participation in our Braid Fundraiser will decrease or eliminate this amount).
  • February 18th -Prescription medications needs to be turned into Mr. Harlan or Mrs. Shearer-latest date, but please turn in before
  • February 28th - Leave for Camp-February 28 (Shearer) and March 2 (Harlan) @ 9:15 a.m. (be at the school at regular time (7:20) and luggage on the back patio by the cafeteria under your child's bus #. This will be assigned later).
  • RETURN FROM CAMP - March 2nd
    (Shearer)/ March 4 (Harlan) @ 1:40 p.m. (Please arrange a ride home from AMS for this early releasetime).