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Steve McDonnell


Tim Keller
Assistant Principal

Taft has 2020 Vision 


Taft has had a long tradition of meeting academic and social excellence for all of our students.  This success we have for each of our students is a direct response of hard working staff and parents, always doing what are best for our students.  Below is a summary of the Taft Family and we encourage you to call us with any comments you might have to keep us working strongly with you.

Together, we are making a huge, positive impact on our students and community!

We are a Family Built around Students

Everyone associated with the school is part of the Taft family. Teachers, parents, community members, other staff members, and students strive to achieve the Taft Family's goal to maximize excellence in all things.

A Bit About Our Family

Taft Intermediate School serves approximately all 460 children in grades 4 and 5 in the Ashland City Schools. There are two teams at each grade level and class size ranges from 27 to 28 children per class.

In addition to a student-centered curriculum emphasizing each student's mastery of Ohio Content Standards and Skills, the school offers a great variety of special programs to serve individual student needs.  There are class for students with disabilities with a focus on inclusion and classes for students needing Talented and Gifted services in Math and Language Arts.

Our student services are here to help students deal with social and emotional problems that impact learning with a focus from a school based therapist.

Parent Partnerships

Taft School is a community center and parents are truly viewed as integral part to our ability to meet our goals for each child to maximize their excellence. Parents are encouraged to become active members of the school's Parent Teacher Organization.

The PTO has one major interest: enriching the children's school experience.

Volunteers assist in tutoring children, preparing materials for instruction, and supervising students on field trips, and in assisting in many aspects of the school day and special activities.  If you are interested in helping out, give us a call at 419-289-7969.