CHANGE IS GOOD! Please be patient as we establish new policies and procedures for PTO so that we can find the ideal way to connect parents, teachers and students.  

This year we kick off DISTRICT WIDE PTO, which will serve grades K-8 with additional small groups of volunteers working together at each building.  The District Wide Officers will handle organizational issues, funding, bookkeeping, etc. while the PIT (Parent Involvement Team) Crew at each building will handle recruiting parent/guardian volunteers, planning events, distributing materials and information from District Officers and much more as time, funding and volunteer availability allows. 


Who We Are: Ashland City Schools District PTO

Jen Clerkin, President

Megan Steffen, Vice President

Lynsey Mager, Treasurer

Megan Holland, Secretary


Taft PIT Crew (Parent Involvement Team)

Jessica Hendershott and Jen Clerkin, PIT Crew Leader



Be A Part of OUR FAMILY!  Please do not wait to be asked to volunteer - the doors are open to all parents/guardians who are interested in being involved in planning and executing fun events throughout the year for our teachers, staff and students.  Parent/guardian involvement is crucial in order for any of our events to be successful.  Please contact any of the PTO members above with your thoughts, concerns and volunteer availability.  

This is an exciting time in our school district!  We hope to see the entire Arrow Community come together and look forward to working with you all!